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Stephens Electrical provides several different Redding, CA lighting solutions for residential properties including:

• Recessed Lighting Design & Installation: Stephens Electrical provides Redding, CA recessed lighting designs and installations to meet your exact residential or commercial needs. Whether you need accent, general, or task-based can lighting Stephens Electrical will deliver in a timely, efficient, and cost-effective manner. We also provide fluorescent, and line or low voltage recessed lighting as well as custom recessed light bulbs, housing, and trims.


• Light Bulb Replacements: No job is too big or too small for the contractors at Stephens Electrical . If you would like us to replace a Redding, CA light bulb within your property (or all of your light bulbs for that matter) we can do so and replace them with one of a dozen light bulb models and types that we had at our firm, including fluorescent, incandescent, and halogen light bulbs.


• Landscape Lighting: Stephens Electrical provides custom lighting for any of your Redding, CA landscaping lighting needs. For instance, we offer different types of amenities, different types of lamps, lanterns, and light bulbs, transformers, copper, aluminium, and brass fixtures, and Christmas, Halloween, birthday, wedding, pathway, LED, up and down, and step and deck lighting with 10 year warranties.


• Dimmer Switches: We also offer several different Redding, CA dimmer switches in various colors and design choices to custom dial the exact lighting you desire for each of your rooms in order to create the perfect mood or save money on your lighting bill.


• Emergency and Security Lighting: Stephens Electrical also offers several Redding, CA emergency and security lighting solutions such as sodium vapour lights that respond to low pressure, energy efficient high intensity discharge lamps, blue outdoor lamps, passive infrared sensors, mercury vapour lights, floodlights, lightsticks, and back-up battery lights.


• Chandelier Installations: If you have just purchased a Redding, CA chandelier and need it installed, or would like someone to order and/or design a chandelier to perfectly complement your living space then give Stephens Electrical a call and we'll get the job done with skill and a touch of class.


• Lighted Ceiling Fan Installations: We also install Redding, CA lighted ceiling fans equipped with different lighting kits so you don't have to worry about rummaging around during the night for a quick midnight snack. We even provide glow-in-the-dark models upon request.

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